Intro Coaching

3 Months of Coaching for Individuals | taught by Nanci Luna Jiménez or Kathleen Rice

Course description

Our three-month Intro Coaching program is a special, one-time offer that provides individuals with a unique opportunity to receive one-on-one support while they learn about and engage with key LJIST frameworks and practices.

During this program, you can expect to:

  • Gain personal insight with compassionate listening and support;
  • Deepen your ability to trust yourself; and,
  • Identify challenging but realistic goals and next steps for moving forward. 

Throughout your journey, your LJIST coach will ask you to question assumptions and to learn and try again after mistakes, all the while affirming your broad capacity to think and make decisions.

This service is particularly well-suited to people who have not previously completed an LJIST program.

Nanci Luna Jiménez or Kathleen Rice
Nanci Luna Jiménez or Kathleen Rice
LJIST Coaches
During this program, you select which LJIST Coach you'd like to work with. Our coaches bring unique expertise and experience to your relationship. 

Nanci Luna Jiménez, CPF, LJIST Founder and President, supports individuals to understand how systemic oppression affects their lives, their work, and their relationships with others, then supports them to envision and make revolutionary changes through personal healing.

Kathleen Rice, Ph.D., CTF, LJIST Associate, is passionate about supporting individuals engaging in work that is challenging, liberating, and systems-changing, and she has particular experience working on issues of equity, disabilities, and White communities.