Transformational Coaching

One-Year of Coaching for Listening Partners | taught by Nanci Luna Jiménez or Kathleen Rice

Course description

Our Transformational Coaching Program provides leaders with compassionate and respectful support to help you gain insight into the root causes of behaviors that block your path to success. In a collaborative process we support you to identify and implement “core actions” which challenge deep-rooted beliefs and entrenched behaviors that keep you from reaching your true potential.

Building on foundations established during our Transformational Communication program, our year-long Transformational Coaching program includes support for listening partners to deepen their understanding of, commitment to, and implementation of the theory, tools and practices taught during our signature Transformational Communication Workshop*.

Participating in the Transformational Coaching program with LJIST provides time devoted to reinforcing and expanding your learning while also deepening your skills and connections with your coaching partner. 

During this program you will:

  • Experience compassionate listening and attention without judgment;
  • Be encouraged to determine “core actions” that build on success and interrupt chronic behaviors and beliefs that are in your way;
  • Practice deepening your ability to trust your own thinking;
  • Learn ways to identify true needs and make requests as opposed to desires and demands;
  • Receive support as you try new things and inevitably make mistakes;
  • Be supported by someone who will thoughtfully track you in your stated areas of growth and development.

With a fierce, insightful and reliable coach who believes in your competence and will compassionately question your self-limiting behaviors, you’ll be empowered to sustain ongoing behavioral and attitudinal shifts as you live into your fullest self.

*Transformational Coaching clients must have attended the LJIST Transformational Communication Workshop in the last five years. Please contact us to sign-up for this course. 


Nanci Luna Jiménez or Kathleen Rice
Nanci Luna Jiménez or Kathleen Rice
LJIST Coaches
During this program, you select which LJIST Coach you'd like to work with. Our coaches bring unique expertise and experience to your relationship. 

Nanci Luna Jiménez, CPF, LJIST Founder and President, supports individuals to understand how systemic oppression affects their lives, their work, and their relationships with others, then supports them to envision and make revolutionary changes through personal healing.

Kathleen Rice, Ph.D., CTF, LJIST Associate, is passionate about supporting individuals engaging in work that is challenging, liberating, and systems-changing, and she has particular experience working on issues of equity, disabilities, and White communities.